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The Gem Heist

A high stakes mystery unfolds when The Gem of Fairy Tales gets stolen. 

The Gem Heist - A Middle Grade Adventure Book

Skylar Carson: Skylar is not the kind of kid that people would want to hang out with. She’s the kind of kid everyone stays away from. When The Gem of Fairy Tales is stolen, all eyes are on Skylar. She’ll do anything to prove she didn’t do it. Deep down Skylar knows her mom, the evil snow queen, must have something to do with it, but she refuses to think that she would do it.


Maya Beauty: Maya is a normal girl who belongs to royalty. When the daughter of the evil snow queen comes to the castle and then becomes her friend while the gem is stolen, she wonders if she made the right choice.


Axel Charming: Axel is the best actor in town though he doesn’t tell anyone that. He has to make a decision, should he follow his fairytale or choose to make his own path, and maybe not be so charming anymore.


Naomi Fernandez: Naomi has to be perfect even if she doesn’t want to. She wants to live a life that she wants to, but her mother, Snow White’s, expectations are getting in the way. When the gem is stolen she knows what will happen and she’s the only one who knows. 

Soon the whole fairy tale will end if Skylar and her friends don’t stop the thief. The weight of fairy tales weighs on Skylar and her friends’ shoulders. A bunch of young teenagers who haven't even finished school or training, must save the whole imagination of life!

About ME

​Tanisha Pereira is a tween author who is currently in the 7th grade. She published her first book at the age of 12. Tanisha grew up in Minnesota and later moved to South Carolina where she currently lives with her family and dog. She has a passion for archery, horse riding and most importantly, reading. Tanisha loves trips to the beach with her family in the summer and drinking Boba Tea.


Tanisha's debut novel is The Gem Heist. The project started as a short book she made for fun, which she then used for a school assignment. Tanisha then pitched the idea for the book at the NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza competition in 2022, where her pitch was selected as one of 20 finalists from thousands of submissions.


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